Forex Online Course

Start learning straight away with our forex course! This course has been designed to provide you with everything you need to get started on the right path with trading, which can also be applied to commodities, cryptocurrency or stocks. You will also receive lifetime access to future updates, and receive continual support for any additional questions. 

Course Content

Course Content Includes


Receive a full introduction and instructions about how to get started. 

Reading Charts

Learn how to understand and read a trading chart straight away. 

Recommended Indicators

Learn about indicators and which ones we recommend the most. 

Fibonacci Retracement

Unleash the power of Fibonacci and his well known retracement tool.

Smoothed Moving Averages

Learn about smoothed moving averages, including crosses.

Price Action

Get to grips with price action, and important part of analysing any chart. 

Price Patterns

Learn about the most popular price patterns, and what they mean. 

Risk & Money Management

Receive a full lecture on risk and money management.

Forex Calculators

Find out why we recommend forex calculators and how to use them. 

Money Management

Learn about money management outside of your trading account. 

Live Trading Examples

Go through some live trading examples to help with your confidence. 

Course Summary

A summary of the course going through what you have learned. 

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