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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Forex Analysis Channel?

Our forex analysis channel is hosted through Telegram, and allows you to receive chart analysis throughout the week. The analysis will contain the currency exchange rate pair, direction of movement expected and its take profit & stop loss zones.

What Is The Success Rate?

The success rate is largely dependent on the user, for example your trade sizing, leverage, and account balance. Our forex analysis is accurate and has a great success rate, but we recommend education to help maximise your results.

How Do I Learn Forex Trading?

You can start learning how to trade by subscribing to our online course! You will receive lifetime access including all future updates.

How Many Trades Per Day?

There is no limit to the amount of analysis we send out each day. Our most active days are Tuesday - Thursday, however analysis is sent out Monday - Friday, including bank holidays.

Can I Use a Practice Trading Account?

You can use a practice trading account at anytime without any changes to the service you receive. 

Do You Recommend Any Brokers?

We recommend using one of our partners, either VantageFX or ICMarkets for live trading. They also have practice accounts available for beginners allowing you to trade with fake funds. You can use any broker or platform with our services.

Are Results Guaranteed?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee results from any form of investment. We do however guarantee that you will receive a professional, uninterrupted service throughout your membership with us. 

How Much Should I Deposit?

We highly recommend trading with what you can afford to spend. This will prevent any financial problems occuring outside of trading. We also recommend switching to a practice trading account if you are struggling with your results at any stage.

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